Workout Wednesday: TSC Bombshell Body Guide

I adore Lauryn Evarts at the Skinny Confidential.

Girl crush would be an understatement about this lady. She is aspirational, real, and the friend you wish you had.

I’ve been following her blog for some time (coconut milk ice cubes, chia seeds, diva cups…she covers it all), so when she announced that she was creating the bombshell body guides I just had to try it.  If you are wondering, I bought the guides, tried them, and fell in love with them long before I talked to anyone at Skinny Confidential to review them…that’s how much I loved them!

I have what I like to call workout ADD, I get really bored and distracted by programs that require all of my time, crazy jumping around workouts, and complicated equipment (I recently cancelled my gym membership because I legit never have time to go). Some of you even know that I was “committing” to the Amanda Bisk workout guide…but seriously my schedule isn’t made for 2x a day workouts. But Lauryn gets what #GirlBoss in training chicks, like me, need. She is a real woman, who keeps it real with her readers, so the tips, advice, and recommendations she gives come from a place of knowledge and compassion that I appreciate.

IMG_1056 IMG_1111

Yes, I’m a busy business school student, but I’m also a former Miss USA contestant who wants her stage ready body back…but it needs to fit into my crazy study/class schedule and hit my problem areas AND the food involved has to taste delicious. 3-4 days a week 27 minutes, and healthy meals…umm yes please! Well thank the pageant gods for TSC Bombshell Body Guide.

I am a super frugal girl, and I’m not lying when I say it is worth the money. Combined with proper eating, in 4 weeks I saw my waist go down an inch and I lost 6 lbs. I also love that these workouts can travel well (yay for not having to do loud plyo in a hotel room), and it hits my target areas (bye bye bra bulge). Also, the TSC community is amazingly supportive, gorgeous (everyone is serious #fitspo), and share their tips and advice.

And did I mention the amazing food…

I would have posted more food, but everything was so good I usually wolfed it down before I could take a picture.

Still have more questions:

…do yourself a favor, head over to The Skinny Confidential, and pick up the amazing Bombshell Body Guide, your newly tight butt will thank you later.



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