Legally Brown

From the moment I told my pageant sisters that I had “a completely brilliant plan,” I was going to an ivy league business school…I felt like Elle Woods! I even answered people that questioned my plan with, “what, like it’s hard?!?” (It was, but I we’ll save that for another time.)

Let’s be honest, my bschool app about competing at Miss USA was one step down from Elle’s Harvard admission video where she talked about soap operas and law jargon. And believe me when I say I fully embrace it.


Today is the official start of classes, and thankfully I’ve done the reading, so I won’t get totally owned like Elle on the first day. But I’m not afraid to welcome the strange badge of honor that I carry…I mean think about it, how many MUO titleholders have attended an ivy league business school.

I even had the pleasure recently of seeing my name on Fortune Magazine’s website, along side my title.


“Columbia Business School’s Mackenzie Green won the Miss District of Columbia USA in 2010.”

It’s crazy, amazing, and humbling to have my name included among so many amazing MBA candidates.  But my hope is, like Elle, I leave and amazing and glitter covered trail of excellence behind me when I graduate in 2017.

With today being the first day, I wanted to take a moment to celebrate the official start of being Legally Brown…now to find something pink to wear today to celebrate!



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