What To Write About When You Have Nothing To Say, or How To Set a Content Calendar

Some times when I sit down to write I know exactly what I’m going to say…other times like now I don’t.

Between trying to keep my writing straight for the Bottom Line (CBS’s blog), my own blog, and my speech writing, my head is a jumble of words and source notes.

When I find myself in that kind of quandary I turn to my blogging calendar.  Yes, my blogging calendar.  I try to sit down at the start of the week (usually Sunday while I’m meal prepping), and figure out what the blog posts will be for the week.  Sometimes they’re really strong and interesting, or I have a great event coming up that I can talk about.  Other times, like now, it’s a boring post just updating you on how I keep my day straight.

A classmate of mine asked me once, what’s the hardest thing about blogging? My answer was simple, content.  Coming up with interesting pieces that readers want to learn more about, or a post they’ll connect with.  What I Wore In A Week comes from the fact that I post what I wear every day on Snapchat, mainly so I can get feedback from the more stylish members of my friend circle.  I learned long ago from my pageant coach, a camera is more helpful than a mirror.  I never thought anyone would enjoy or want to see how I put my clothes together, but surprise surprise they do.  The same goes for the healthy recipe remixes, I love cooking and eating, so I figured someone else out there does also. But coming up with a content schedule helps me figure out when I need photos, what I need to gather, and all the other stuff that goes along with it.

Also, with how hectic my schedule is I need a content calendar, or else I’m sitting on the second floor of Uris pulling a blog post out of thin air (which I may or may not be doing).

Really what this post is about, is thinking through the brand and content of your blog, giving yourself a schedule, and sticking to it.



P.s. If there are any stories, topics, or ideas you have that you don’t see here feel free to leave a comment!

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