What I Wore In A Week and How I Got A Life

So I have legit taken two weeks off from blogging for a perfectly good reason…balance.

I have been trying to figure out how to get a handle on school, have a life, and write. I haven’t found the perfect balance of any of it, but I kind of took two weeks off from my blog to work on having a social life. It was amazing people, there’s a world outside of my library and apartment! Honestly, as this term is coming to a close I find myself feeling slightly emotional over how quickly this is all going. Like for real, I feel like before I know it I’ll be walking across the stage, wondering where the time went.

Well, while I was on that journey to get a life, I also went out, and that meant lots and lots of clothes that I’ve been dying to share on this site. So rather than show some, and save others for Friday, I figure let’s just show it all…and I’ll be back in DC by tomorrow night, wearing footie PJs daily.

Bring on the clothes…

I did a lot of living in two weeks y’all. I went to a fancy dinner with some of my friends, I spoke at an admissions event, I went to Viacom for a NYC Trek, interviewed for an internship, tried to dress up for class to lift my spirits, went to Fall Ball in all my bond bad girl glory, went to a clustermates birthday, hit a boozy brunch with some ladies, and tried to enjoy this insane disgusting city!

I proudly enjoyed every moment, and every blister my heels caused. Hopefully somewhere in this jumble is an outfit that inspires you to have a little more fun in your closet, and in your life.






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