Thank You 2015

I figure rather than dump out the last few outfits I didn’t post this year (I need some content for the start of the year), or apologize for my absence (finals wiped me out and so did winter break), I figure I’ll write a thank you note to this incredible year.


Thank you for challenging me, demanding more from me, and helping me grow. You were the year that I waited for, and you didn’t disappoint. Thank you for taking me half way across the world on one of the greatest adventures that I’ll ever take. Thank you for bringing me closer to my dreams, and being the beginning of my dream path to the future I’ve always imagined. Thank you for the incredible new friendships, and getting rid of the old ones that weren’t helping me grow.

Thank you for being the year where I stopped focusing on what was right, but rather what felt right for my spirit. Thanks for being the year that I proudly carried my faith everywhere I went. Thank you for showing me how much I love and respect the weirdos I call my parents, and for reminding me how amazing my friends are.

Thank you for being the year that I started to value myself. Thank you for showing me how far I’ve come, and the beauty of evolving. Thank you for teaching to be proud of myself, and to be proud of who I am becoming.

I’m so grateful for what this year has been, and the promises in store for the coming year.

2015, I thank you for the self exploration, the tears, the hard work, and the pain…because you taught me more than I could ever imagine.




p.s. come back tomorrow to see me promises (slash resolutions) for 2016!

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