…what the what?!?

A few months back before graduation I got an email from the Columbia Business School administration telling me I’d been selected as one of their candidates to nominate for the Poet’s and Quants 100 Best and Brightest MBAs (2017).

Honestly, I was floored they even wanted to nominate me. Seriously, my MBA journey has never been a walk in the park, but it hasn’t stopped my constant hustle.

…so months passed and there was no word on whether I’d been selected. And in true transparency, I was a weeeee bit bitter. Profiles went up about other students, and I thought the idea of getting included was getting bleak.

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Workout Wednesday: Tovita aka How To Be Smart About Food

So I consider myself to be a smart cookie. I mean, I graduated college with honors and I’m at an ivy for my MBA (p.s. if you are tired of hearing that…I’m not, so I will say it until they put me in the ground). And I’m athletic, I swam and rowed in college, I was a junior olympian in swimming, won countless horse shows…so I like to think I know health and wellness.

Then why was I so dumb about food?!?

Now when I say dumb I don’t mean like because Oreos are vegan I thought they were healthy. I mean allowing my food noise and my disordered eating to take over my life dumb. Nothing put more of a damper on family affairs than when you are on some insane diet, and your out of town relatives have to listen to you order so far off the menu, that you would have been better off bringing your own food. I’m the kind of nutrition nerd that was making her parents show at Whole Foods, when it was called Fresh Fields.

So a few months ago I realized I was letting my disordered eating take over. I was starting to obsess about my calorie counting app, toying with starting a new diet, and wondering if I could find the willpower to go keto. Now those things may work for other people, but I’m looking to go through more of a Khloe Kardashian lifestyle change, slowly but surely, and as a lifestyle change.

After a good bout of Facebook stalking, I came across the Tovita Nutrition instagram page. They had just coached the gorgeous new Miss California USA 2016, and I wanted in on that Tovita glow. I emailed the ladies, and worked with Molly for 8 weeks. The only person that knew about my nutritional fairy godmother was my mom.

What I gained during those 8 weeks never involved a diet, is was about learning to be intuitive and smart with my eating. Through Molly’s guidance I lost 12 pounds, but gained so much more. During my family vacation to Orlando I wasn’t a raging diet monster. If I wanted to indulge I did, and mindfully, and when I was over it, I moved on. It sounds simple, and it wasn’t. But having the accountability of knowing someone would check over my food journals, give me advice, and be supportive was helpful. I think the best compliment came when my cousin said, “I’m so glad we can all sit and enjoy a meal, and you’re not over there eating something depressing.” Full disclosure, this was while we were at a Mexican restaurant where I had all the veggies they could pile on a skillet with some chicken and salsa.

I’m hoping over the next few months, I can share with you dear reader all the tips and tricks I learned from Tovita, how I’m evolving in my lifestyle change…and the smaller jeans I get to rock right now.

So if you are looking to have a kick ass coach, or you just want a virtual buddy who will tell you that “no, more than a tablespoon of coconut oil is not healthy.” Check out the ladies of Tovita.




The day was January 1st and I shot out of bed, grabbed my laptop and notebook and started thinking about my resolutions and intentions for this new year.

The constant cord that kept coming up was that I was going to make myself and my goals a priority, but that I was also going to stop being so hard on myself. So rather than you dear reader(s) getting a ubiquitous New Years Day post, instead I took that time to rest. And then I kept resting, went to LA for an amazing career trek, came back to New York, rested some more, started a new internship…and now, on the eve before I get back into the swing of class, I’m ready to sit down and tell you what my intentions are this year.

P.s. I’m writing this from my desk at Harper’s Bazaar while eating lunch, so obviously mindfulness needs to go on my list.

  • Make better use out of my ClassPass membership. I’ve recently become a huge Khloe Kardashian fan after reading her book, and secretly watching the show over break. And she talked about exercise seriously helped her manage her anxiety. I’m trying to get in on those bennies and start managing my general stress and craziness with more workouts. That’s where ClassPass comes in. I really want to start exploring the city, testing my limits, and trying new things.
  • Fall further down the rabbit hole of my K Beauty obsession. Working at a fashion magazine and blogging have made me even more aware of how important a good foundation is, and I don’t mean makeup. If your skin isn’t the gorgeous canvas it needs to be, you will always feel blah. So it’s obvious that I love K Beauty, but I really want to start stacking up the empties, and learn more about everything…I’m actually about to Google rubber masking.
  • Start celebrating myself more. I learned a long time ago if you are waiting on other people to tell you that you’re amazing you will be waiting until Jesus comes. So I want to take a chunk out of my week, every week, to really celebrate myself and what I’ve done right rather than dwelling on what’s wrong.
  • Go on Me Dates. When I was an undergrad and living in Miami I used to take myself on dates every week. And I mean real dates, like dinners, movies, museums, botanical gardens, the whole nine, and sometimes I would even get really done up. For some reason I stopped a few years ago, and now that I’m in New York, its easy to feel disconnected from yourself with the hoards of people everywhere. With that said, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to my weekly dates, but I plan on making Me Dates a thing again.

Well those are the big ones…but there are some intentions I need to keep to myself…I can’t let strangers in on all the things I’m lacking.

If you’re wondering, I’ve had a good go so far of sticking to these intentions.

Now let me get back to work (which I will fill you all in on how I got my sweet new gig working as an assistant to The Editor in Chief of Harper’s Bazaar…job search tips yay!).

I hope those of you on the east coast like me are thawing out from Jonas, and for the rest of you lovies,




Beauty Buys: Korean Skincare

Growing up I had bad skin.  And when I say bad skin I don’t mean a few zits and light redness (I envy those people), I mean horrible cystic acne, ALL OVER MY BODY!!! To make matters worse, I was a competitive swimmer, so I wasn’t able to hide all my acne and scars.  Believe me, if wearing a burka had been an option, I would have been all over that if it had meant I didn’t have to deal with having atrocious skin.

Having horrible acne is a killer.  I won’t get into details in this post (that’s for another time), but it can destroy your self esteem.  But in college an angel came along in the form of the Late Dr. Fredrick Brandt.  Dr. Brandt put me on two cycles of accutane.  I know mentioning accutane is like swearing at a preschool, but believe me when I tell you it is a miracle.

Now this post isn’t about glorifying accutane or telling you about Dr. Brandt, it’s about telling you about how I’ve maintained my skin since I finished taking everything.

My obsession – Korean Skincare Products!

Here’s an excerpt from Peach & Lilly about Korean skincare:

“Simply put, Koreans are some of the most demanding beauty consumers in the world. Case in point: one of Korea’s top dermatologists told us of a client with flawless, radiant skin who said, “I know I have perfect skin, but I want it to look slightly more translucent and porcelain- like.” At that, he threw up his hands and exclaimed, “I give up! Korean women have standards that are impossible to meet.” And while those sky-high standards are taxing, they’re exactly what keep the Korean beauty industry striving to keep up.”

After I finished taking accutane, I had extremely dry/sensitive skin. Essences, oil cleansers, sheet masks, they all became my best friends.  And not to sound like a beauty hipster, but I was into all of this stuff before it was chic (I had a full spa night in Croatia not to long ago, and used Boscia’s Luminizing Black Mask to rehab my skin). I adore the quality of the products, and the involved steps.  At times an eight step skincare routine can be daunting, but in exchange for gorgeous skin, it’s worth it.  If you haven’t seen this video by Michelle Phan, you are missing out.

Right now my two website obsessions for Korean skincare and beauty products are SokoGlam (developed by a CBS alum) and Peach and Lilly.

My current must buys on both sites are their full skincare regimes. The 10 step routine from Soko and the Dry Skin routine from P&L.

10step_9f0cf6b3-9d14-43e1-9602-6bd44d59a151 Dry-Skin-Regimen_v2

I can not wait to buy these sets and run through them in a month like Eva Chen.

I think nothing is more encouraging in my skincare journey than when one of my sorority sisters comments on how nice my skin looks in a sweaty gym selfie on insta…I’ve come a long way from slathering makeup on to cover acne and hyper-pigmentation.

I can’t wait to hear what some of your beauty buys are!