10 Books You Need To Read

Over the past 4 years, I have read approximately 200 works of fiction.

90% of them taught me nothing.

But 10 of them taught me about life, death, love, and leadership

Book #1: The Immortalists

Most people misunderstand that death is a gift to remind you to get living.

Let the Gold siblings be your guide. This book teaches you memento mori, you could die tomorrow, let that inform what you do, say, and how you act.


Book #2: An American Marriage

Most people misunderstand systemic racism and how it impacts Black people.

This book teaches you that respectability politics don’t protect people from systemic racism, and the ripple effect those systems have on lives.


Book #3: The Dreamers

Most people haven’t taken a step back in the pandemic to think about how it’s impacted them emotionally.

This book teaches you the various perspectives, stories, and fears that grip us when an unexpected event happens. When I read this book in ’18 I spent a lot of time wondering what I’d do if a phantom pandemic came calling…if I knew then what I know now.


Book #4: We Cast Shadows

Most people misunderstand satire.

This book teaches you how satire can help illuminate issues like colorism, class, and race.


Book #5: Such A Fun Age

Most people misunderstand what advocacy and activism look like.

This book teaches you to step into the shoes of many different people around one charged event.


Book #6: Sula

Most people misunderstand Toni Morrison.

This book is a beautiful look at how Morrison paints Black women, weaves in humor, and leaves you wanting more. It also gives you some of the best quotes on intersectional womanhood.


Book #7: The Secret Lives of Church Ladies

Most people misunderstand the power of short story collections.

This book teaches you the multifaceted lives and characters that can be presented in short story collections.


Book #8: Act Your Age Eve Brown

Most people misunderstand neurodivergent experiences.

This book gives you a neurodivergent, plus-sized, Black woman’s love story. It is so swoony and worth every second.


Book #9: The Final Revival of Opal & Nev

Most people undervalue oral history books.

This book mixes oral history, punk history, and a fictional band you’ll wish was real. If you enjoyed Daisy Jones, this is that, but with the volume turned up!


Book #10: Fiona And Jane

Most people misunderstand platonic soulmates.

This book shows you how complicated and complex friendships can be spanning decades.


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