3 Steps I’m Taking To Drastically Improve My Skin

Today I want to blog about something not productivity, reading, or business related, but skincare.

I’ve had fairly problematic skin for as long as I can remember. I had severe acne and hyperpigmentation as a teenager, and had to do two rounds of Accutane. Currently, I’m dealing with hyperpigmentation from acne, the occasional breakout, and texture. I made a conscious decision that this year, 2022, I wanted to be less apathetic about my skin and make a concerted effort to improve it.

This year is all about mission glass skin.

I kicked off my mission at the start of this year with a visit to the Shani Darden Spa.

Some of my favorite celebs with coveted skin go to Shani, from Shay Mitchell, Kelly Rowland, and RHW. I wanted to kick off my skinpirational year with a facial, and I was lucky enough to work with Britt at the spa. I did a 90 minute facial that was wonderfully curated for my goals, and incredibly relaxing. There was even a peel that I thought was easily melting my face off, a la Indian Jones, but left my skin incredibly soft. I appreciated that before I left, Britt put together a list of products and samples that could help me maintain the work she’d put in, and pump up my current skincare routine.

My primary goals were to add moisture and glow to my skin.

I wanted to share some of the new additions that are helping me toward that glass skin look.

First up was adding Dennis Gross peel pads. I’m working my way up to daily, but at the moment I’m doing 3 times. I slide this into the evening routine after double cleaning. In the 2 minutes it takes the peel to settle I brush my teeth. I have noticed improvement in my hyperpigmentation, and my skin does feel better after the neutralizer.

I prefer a chemical peel over a physical exfoliant.

Another new addition has been retinol.

I don’t understand a thing about retinol or what it does, but when Britt gave me a sample after my first appointment, I gladly took it. If I use my peel pads Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evening, I use retinol Tuesday and Thursday evenings. I’ve noticed an improvement in the texture of my skin. The instructions say to work up to more use, so just like the peel pads, I want to work toward nightly use.

I also find retinol an incredibly easy step to add into the evening that doesn’t over complicate my routine.

The last product is a daytime addition that has made a world of difference.

Vitamin C has been an incredible addition to my daytime skincare routine. After toning in the morning, I pat in the vitamin C concentrate with my fingers, and then follow with sunscreen. I’ve noticed my skin looks way brighter, glowy, and hydrated after I use it.

I feel like my skin looks less sallow on zoom calls, which is a major upgrade.

I’m learning a lot on this skincare journey.

I’m learning is that I have to make all of this a habit. I currently have sunscreen and evening skincare in my habit tracker, and I’m proud to report that the chain is unbroken on sunscreen, and I’ve never missed more than two days in a row on evening skincare. I had to find a way to create the habits that support this loftier goal of glass skin. I deployed my arsenal of Atomic Habit steps. Also, I’m keeping monthly facials at the Shani Darden spa. The bonus of doing a fancy monthly facial is the financial investment I’ve put in, I want to maintain that incredible work when I’m not at the spa.

I’m still too nervous and vain to share progress photos, but eventually I’ll get there, and will gladly share when they time comes.

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