My First Week of Ship 30 for 30

My first full week of writing Ship 30 for 30 atomic essays is behind me.

My titles have gotten better over the week, but the big thing I need to work on is prepping the page, generating ideas, and digging into the analytics of what readers are liking.

My highest engagement came around Ultralearning essays and NFTs. What I’m seeing is that readers are interested in these topics, particularly when I learn in public.

If you aren’t following my Typeshare account or twitter for my essays, enjoy these top essays from the week…

Project Polyglot

9 Principles of Ultralearning

My Clumsy Attempt to explain NFTs

I Became a Ranked Memory Athlete in 1 Year, Here Are The Myths You Need To Overcome To Do The Same

Luxury Trends Experts Are Watching

To be honest, I never thought I’d make it to a 9 day writing streak, and at the time you’re reading this, I’ll have hit 10 essays. But getting through that first week, I find myself thinking, “I wonder how much longer I can make this streak last?”

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