The One Piece of Advice That Inspired Me To Set Sail

I had an informational meeting last year with a thought leader in the social media and digital marketing space. This gentleman is doing some of the things I aspire to do, like speaking on panels, and getting approached by big name companies.
When I asked him how he was able to establish himself in the industry he said, “I started as a writer, so my stuff was out there, and people knew where to see how I think. They liked it, and now here we are.”

A Day after that conversation, a popular YouTuber I respect, and fellow shipper Ali Abdaal, posted that he was doing the Ship 30 for 30 writing cohort, and like they said in Zorro,

“When the student is ready the teacher appears.”

By Day 30 I Hope to…

Find My Niche and Teach What I’ve Learned

  • I love sharing what I’ve learned about productivity and self led knowledge pursuits aka Ultralearning. I love telling people about the books I’ve read. I also, enjoy diving into the strategy and the future of digital and social media marketing. With these atomic essays I’m excited to explore multiple topics in small bites.

Build the habit and embrace the identity of a writer

  • After putting in the reps and (hopefully) showing up everyday, I hope to build the habit that allows me to identify as “a writer.”

Build an audience

  • Much like my informational interviewee said, I want to put content out to start establishing my voice, but more than anything I want to see what my peers and others feel is my expertise through how they respond to my range of content, and what topics they want to hear more about.

So now it’s time to say, bon voyage as we set sail on this experience, I can’t wait to see where we are 30 days from now!

I invite you to follow my daily journey at

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