5 Must-Read Books This Women’s History Month

Tired of hearing talking heads “dunk on feminism?”Yea me too.

Most critiques of feminism are focused on mainstream feminism, aka White Feminism.

For Women’s History Month, it’s time to make your feminism intersectional, and here are 5 books that can help you do that.

The first rec is Bad Fat Black Girl.

This book challenged me in its frank conversation around sex workers, respectability politics, and privilege even within the Black community.

It also uses pop culture brilliantly.


Next up, Hood Feminism.

I cannot recommend this book enough!

This book embodies the idea of “until everyone is free, no one is free.” It deals with queer feminism, BIPOC feminist issues, all the things.

This should be on your TBR.



It wouldn’t be a book rec list from me if I didn’t include fiction. This is such a wonderful commentary on “what makes a woman a woman?” It deals with gender identity, colorism, and sexuality…and did I mention a Wild West bank robbery.


The 2000s Made Me Gay

I loved this collection of stories. It was a beautiful look at how pop culture and content can inform and challenge our sexuality, and that a lot of times characters help us through our own identity.


Last…Minor Feelings.

This is an open, honest, and vulnerable look at a Korean American woman’s experiences. Hong lets you really see what her life was like with humor.


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