An Evening With Bobbi Brown

Last week I had the pleasure of spending an evening listening to Bobbi Brown speak.


A little back story…I adore Bobbi Brown. At the high of my awkward phase my mom bought me Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty, and it rocked my world! I was an acne ridden awkward tween and here was this amazing book about just enjoying being young and embracing your unique beauty. I immediately begged my mom to take me to the Bobbi counter, and I got a makeover (I had no idea how to recreate any of it…and god bless my mom for not taking me to CVS and saying get some damn CoverGirl and move on). I loved Bobbi Brown so much that my first little boyfriend (his mom probably) bought me lipgloss and eyeshadow from Bobbi…it was lilac…bless his heart, he was white and probably went to the counter asking what would look best on medium brown skin.

…fast forward to now. Bobbi was speaking with Ivy Social about her newest book.


Bobbi is in her newest life iteration now that she’s stepped away from the Bobbi Brown makeup brand. Bobbi’s newest book, Beauty from the Inside Out, is an obvious step into the new lifestyle brand stage she’s launching.

There are so many amazing gems from the book that I agree with…and work constantly to incorporate into my own life. Bobbi perfected the “no makeup makeup” look, and this book teaches you the lifestyle choices you need to make to in order to live an effortless “no effort no makeup” lifestyle. Eat berries, and greens so your skin glows…then you don’t need the Becca highlighter (who am I kidding, I’ll always love a disrespectful glow). Bobbi has launched Lord & Taylor lifestyle shops,¬†where you can get a taste at the products and potions she suggests in the book. I’ve personally tried to incorporate more apple cider vinegar into my life…adding it to my liter bottle in the morning. Also, two of my personal wellness role models are featured in the book, Laila Ali and Hannah Bronfman.

The icing on the evening for me was getting to meet Bobbi.


I had a full speech planned to thank her…but instead I just word vomitted that I loved her, and her makeup, and her book was my first beauty book, and that I appreciated her always having a wide range of products for women of color.

They say never meet your heroes because they may let you down…Bobbi was as authentic and amazing as I hoped.

I’m sure her nuggets of wisdom will pepper their way into some future posts.

…and if you’re wondering if I wore Bobbi to meet Bobbi…


…oh you bet I did!



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