Ballet Bodies

Ask anyone that knows me well and they’ll tell you I’m a frustrated dancer.


My parents put me in ballet as a little girl and I was committed to the costumes, the glam, and the idea that movement could speak volumes…I should mention that I was super deep for a 4 year old.

Well fast forward, I found swimming, horseback riding, and I was a little to built to be a ballerina.

Every year we would see the Nutcracker as a family. I would go back stage with my parents, see the costumes and dancers, and practically drool over the pas de deux secrets. Then one year, Coffee was played by the most gorgeous brown girl, with a body I could relate to, with immeasurable grace.

Her name was Misty Copeland, and the obsession has been real ever since.

Well its no secret that aside from being an enviable dancer, Misty Copeland has the body that we should all aspire to.

She’s strong, graceful, powerful, and elegant…

I live for this woman. When people talk about #Fitspo I instantly imagine her.

Well, I’m approaching 29 in a few weeks (god help me), and I’ve decided this last year of my 20s will be the one where I focus on being WELL-THY…I’m focusing on my mental, physical, financial, and overall wellness.

That’s why this post is called “Ballet Bodies.” I have a dream of one day being on the New York City Subway and being mistaken for a dancer. Seriously, I’m not kidding, bag slung over my shoulder in a leo, leggings and with a bun…someone asks me, are you a dancer?!? And I get to laugh and go, “you are so sweet, no.” (It’s a far better fantasy in my head).

Well…how do I plan on getting there…

  1. Ballet Beautiful At-Home Videos (the founder got Natalie Portman dance ready for Black Swan)
  2. Swimming (Mary Helen Bowers, the founder of Ballet Beautiful says its the best cardio for ballet)
  3. 305 Fitness (not ballet but dance muscles are dance muscles)
  4. Ballet classes at Alvin Aliey
  5. Reading Misty Copeland’s Book
  6. Regular stretching and foam rolling

I went through a crazy dance kick a few years ago…

If you’re wondering where this resignation of my dance obsession came from, I got to see Misty Copeland dance in Swan Lake last week and it left me speechless.


If you want to learn more about Misty, and why she’s so dope check out the trailer to her documentary (yours truly donated to the kickstarter campaign for this), and then watch it immediately on Netflix.

…and if you want to follow my dancers pursuit, head over to my fitness insta page (I’ll explain in a future post why I created a separate fitness insta).



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