Love You So Matcha

I looooove matcha…I love it so much that I legit have to physically stop myself from posting photos of my morning matcha on a daily basis. No seriously…I legit post a matcha photo every other day on my Fitspo insta

…and I will take a train from Harlem to Chinatown for a raved about matcha…I’m a match maven! (Seriously, that matcha emoji is everything to me)

My matcha love has gotten so infamous that I got a nice little quote on Byrdie Beauty about my matcha adoration, and why it’s a wonderful way to start your day.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 7.13.39 PM.png

Where did I learn about matcha…well I can thank Candice Kumai and Hannah Bronfman for bringing matcha into my life.

I’ve raved about my love of Candice before, but head here to learn more, and Hannah is as dope and cosmopolitan as they come.

B8t at this point you might be like WTF(?!?) is matcha and why do I give a damn…well let me let Ms. Kumai tell you why

And if you need a little more convincing, head here.

Aside from being a dope coffee alternative, that shiz will have you glowing. When I gave up coffee for Lent this year, I was grateful for matcha and Dandy Blend (I’ll talk about that another time).

…if you are like any of my classmates you’re thinking you need to slide in my DMs and ask my recipe…well I’m happy to share it.

Keep in mind, everyone has their own secret recipe, and this is mine…

MacKenzie’s Souped Up Matcha

1 tsp ceremonial grade matcha (my favorite brand is from The MatchaBar in Chelsea, but this is my favorite brand on Amazon)

1 cup hot (not boiling) water

Whisk those together with a bamboo whisk

…then add:

1/2c non-dairy milk (hot or cold…and I like almond milk personally)

1-2 scoops Vital Proteins collagen (I write more about collagen later, but seriously get some of this sh!t in your life ASAP)

…and here’s where it gets all Goop level fancy…

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 7.15.47 PM.png

An adaptogen of your choice (either chaga mushrooms, cordyceps mushrooms, ashwagandha, or some Moon Juice dust)

Now you’re thinking, “WTF!?! What’s an adaptogen, what’s a dust, what’s sex dust, are you a sexual deviant…I’m telling your parents…” THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY!

We’ll go down the adaptogen road later but for now, know that they’re dope, they’re really good for you, and easy to incorporate in your every day life…and to answer your biggest question, no sex dust doesn’t make you a horny old goat, I find that it grounds me in my body, helps me tap into my gut intuition, and helps with my PMS.

Now go get some matcha, and however you choose to make it, enjoy it…because I have yet to have a friend try it and not message me how much they loved it…so feel free to DM me how delicious it is once you get a mug!




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