What to Do When Your Neurodivergent Brain Just Won’t Go

To say I had writers block for this week’s blog post is an understatement.

As I’ve grown to embrace my neurodivergence over the last few years (and honestly I have Tik Tok to thank for allowing me, at my big age to not feel so alone), I’ve realized that there are days like this. Days where I sit down and my executive function fully fails me. It’s like task paralysis, I just can’t get my brain to go.

My aim with coming back to blogging was to provide value to readers. I guess the value I’m providing today is helpful for the other ADHD folks who think they’re alone in these moments. The moments where you sit down to work and absolutely nothing happens, and you feel like you’re failing. Or maybe those moments you sit through a lecture only to feel like you would have been better off never going, because absolutely nothing made sense to you. Or even looking down the barrel of weekend tasks and not having the ability to get started.

I’ve been lucky on my ADHD journey to find some influencers who have helped me finally put words to these moments…honestly there’s an influencer for everything.

If you have a task ahead of you, are neurodivergent, and can’t get going, hopefully these videos help you feel less alone like they did for me…

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